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  • Stocking Solar Panel
    • Oct 25,2021.

    FUTURESOLAR currently has 365w black mono solar panel in stock, price lower than the market. Panel info goes as following: Model Qty Desc. Price Note JAM60S21-365/MR 6200 pcs 166 mm solar cell FOB Chi...

  • Current PV Trends
    • Feb 8,2021.
    Current PV Trends

    Project sizes are increasing, larger-format modules are top of mind, and finding new cost efficiencies is a priority for companies across all market segments. The IEA forecasts that additions of renew...

  • What is a bifacial solar panel
    • Oct 27,2020.

    Bifacial solar panels and bifacial modules offer many advantages over traditional solar panels. Power can be produced from both sides of a bifacial module, increasing total energy generation. They’re ...

  • M10 wafers be used in high-performance FUTURESOLAR modules
    • Sep 23,2020.
    M10 wafers be used in high-performance FUTURESOLAR modules

    The new M10 standard size will help the industry get a unified supply chain and ensure standardization of equipment manufacturing and customer applications, argue the 7 companies who are signator...

  • What's Monofacial and Bifacial
    • Aug 21,2020.
    What's Monofacial and Bifacial

    Monofacial VS. Bifacial 1. LCOE estimation for Si-based monofacial and bifacial modules worldwide. 2. Monofacial PV systems are more cost-effective at latitudes below 40° for low albedo. 3. Bifacial P...

  • 500kW Complete On Grid Solar system
    • Aug 21,2020.
    500kW Complete On Grid Solar system

    Futuresolar provide a Complete On Grid 500kW Solar system for a farm roof in Panama. Components as follows: Futuresolar brand 320w poly solar panels, Growatt 50kW Grid tie inverters, Grid connect...

  • Futuresolar release new 540w solar panels
    • Apr 24,2020.

    By Futuresolar modules engineers hard working, we come up a newly designed 540w output single solar panel by 158.75mm square Mono PERC Solar Cell. We reach highest output of single panel via stable te...

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